Jim Carrey – Facts

Feb 09, 05 Jim Carrey – Facts

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has become one of the most recognized faces in the world. It is precisely because of his face that he has achieved fame. His rubbery visage and penchant for wild and extreme behavior has given him a notoriety he delights in. He has developed a repertoire of oddball characters to the pleasure of audiences everywhere. Not everyone is impressed and you’ll find people who are thoroughly anti-Carrey and his style of comedy but the majority has voted him into our lives. His humour is far from high brow, tasteless in many cases, but he aims to amuse and, for most people, he does just that.

Born in New Market, Ontario, Canada on January 17th, 1962 to a working class family that never had it easy. Growing up poor was tough for young Jim Carrey. While in his teens he had to take a job as a janitor when his father lost his job. He had to juggle both school and work, school eventually lost out and he dropped out. He describes himself as being very angry at this time in his life yet one good thing came out of it. He developed a tremendous sense of humour to help him cope and to shield his anger from the world. He was a loner who claims he didn’t have any friends because he didn’t want any. Between school and work there just wasn’t much time for a childhood. At 15 though, he had enough time to start performing at Yuk Yuks a famous Toronto comedy club where he began to perfect his shtick. He moved to LA and did the club circuit there. He came to the attention of Rodney Dangerfield and was put on his tour. For many years, he lived in obscurity by starring in some Clint Eastwood movies, and doing impressions in the Comedy Store. In 1987, he got married with Melissa Womer and got a daughter, Jane Carrey. Jim Carrey got his big break in 1990, when he landed a role on the hip new sketch comedy show “In Living Color” which boasted a cast of African-Americans and Carrey, the sole white guy. The show was an extreme show meant to answer SNL’s dominance of late night t.v. variety shows. While there, Carrey perfected many characters, most notoriously “Fire Marshal Bill” who always went up in a blaze. The sketch was yanked when critics claimed that it encouraged kids to play with fire. The controversy put Carrey’s name in the headlines for the first time.

He broke into feature films, and into the collective unconscious of the world, in a single successful year, 1994. It was the Year of the Funny Face. First there was Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, a surprise hit that showcased Carrey’s now signature wacky style. Next came The Mask, a role that seemed tailor-made for him and was a hit with audiences. As if he hadn’t made an impression yet, there was still Dumb and Dumber which was released during the holiday season and ended up on top. Jim Carrey was in the limelight now and he hasn’t looked back since. Since that famous year Carrey has, dare we say it…, slowed down a bit. His films have come out less often but have continued to make waves if not quite of the caliber as previously. There was Batman Forever, in which he inhabited the role of the Riddler. Then there was a sequel to Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls which didn’t quite recapture the sparkle of the original. Next came The Cable Guy, Carrey’s big ticket 20 million dollar film and fell with a quick and resounding thud. The film featured Carrey’s first foray into a more serious type of humour. Audiences were not impressed and it was his first taste of failure. He quickly bounced back though. In 1997 he starred in Liar Liar. The film was a tremendous success with crowds everywhere and put him back on top. It also brought his salary back up 20 million.

The future looks good for Jim Carrey, he has developed a legion of devoted fans who love his wild style of physical comedy. He has done several movies after Liar Liar, such as The Truman Show and Man on the moon, but all of that and future movies you’ll just have to read on some other site. He has proven his ability to weather a storm and come out on top, important for any celebrity. Carrey has come a long way from his unhappy childhood and in fact seems to be living it now. Canada has been producing fine comedic talents for years, and Jim Carrey is definitely the best of the new breed.

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  1. ahhhhhhh where to begin with Jim cerrey… Jim cerrey is more than just a man he is a famous man with lots of girls and cars.Jim cerrey is like gods little man on the 2nd floor.Jim cerrey is a great man.Jim cerrey is like a sponge sucking up every thing it can…good or bad.Jim cerrey cares for his work and girls…jim cerrey is awesome.Jim cerrey is not only funny Jim cerrey is Canadian.

  2. HEy Jim ur My biggest fan funny ugly star jk haha u will be my biggest star 4 ever

  3. Dear Jim CArrey, I loved It when you were all drunk instuff u look like cameron diaz but its ok cuse u know how i love u instuff and how ur cool wiht me yay. i wonder who is a better comedian you or me
    lol bye Eugine

  4. Dear Jim Carrey,
    Don’t listen to anything anyone has ever said ever…. I am your number-one fan. When i was in seventh grade my art class had to draw pictures of famous people and you guessed it… I picked you!!! It was one where you had your mouth open really wide. It turned out really well and it is now hanging in a frame on my bedroom wall. I also have an autograph of yours hanging next to the picture. Lastly, if i don’t acomplish any thing in life, i want to collect all of your movies. I have 12 or 13 so far. Thank you for listening! Rehee-eally!!!

    your #1 fan,

  5. Hey….jimy…Iam ur biggest fan &Iam from INDIA, Ur awsam…man..nothing is impossible for u…

    wish u a lots of happiness &make the world….crazy….!!!!!!

  6. okay, you might want to spell Jim Carrey correctly smart one^^^

  7. Dark_Soldier /

    hey jim wats up….ur a funny funny man im ur biggest fan …. i know more about u than everyone else….so ya ur freakin almighty…..alllllllllrighty then ….. buh bye

  8. Um how can everyone else be jim carrey’s biggest fan when i am? Hmm? Well anyways i was looking for stuff about jim carrey bc i am doing a report on him like rite now bc he is the awesomest person who ever existed and i found this and seen how everyone is saying that they are jim carreys biggest friend and they have his name spelled wrong…really smart!!!

  9. I’m not writing to argue that I’m Jim’s number one fan or quote his famous, classic lines. I am writing to express how inspirational Jim Carrey has been in my life. I feel that I can really relate to his story as I also experienced a difficult childhood but let laughter get me through it. There is no better feeling than making people laugh and it is my dream to one day be able to share this talent with the world, as Jim Carrey has. Whenever I have any doubt in myself, I always think back to Jim and I feel even more determined to succeed. I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine.

    I guess I just want to say thank you Jim. You have forever touched my life and all that I do with laughter has been inspired by you. I will always be grateful to you for that. Best of luck and God Bless…

  10. jim i am your biggest fan …i’m doing a report on you ….bc you rock and you are my idol…so anyways u rock and i’m your #1 fan…

  11. also jim you have inspired me to not give up and be determind to never ever give up.and never say no…hahahaha….thank you and
    yours truely

  12. So tell me Jim;Why did you decide to make your face the mask?
    Its freakin khuulllllee and that’s very very very very eh……………..
    I’ll tell you later.

  13. jew.master /

    jim is da best out there ;)

  14. yo man

  15. HI you are the best acter I HAVE evere known and the funnyeist i have both of the masks they are rilly funny too.

  16. HI you are the best acter I HAVE evere known and the funnyeist i have both of the masks they are rilly funny too. bye (:(:(:(:(:(:(: ‘-‘ < < < < >>[o]<<<

  17. im doing an esssay on how you overcame adversity and that he was poor in canada.

  18. i luv ya jim u r my role model

  19. you are aboustally amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could you pop down our school christleton high? coz u r the best actor ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. hi u r amazin !!!!!

  21. jim carry is awsome

  22. Jim Carrey I have been watching u since I was about 6 or 7. You are my ALL time favorite actor. You are absolutely amazing. When I was younger I planned on being just like you. I was going to become an actress. But……………………. I can’t because I’m SHY!!!!!! But that won’t stop me from making my family and friends laugh. Every time I make someone laugh it makes me happy to see them smile.
    So Jim Carrey I thank you so much for everything you’ve done, even though it feels like you haven’t done anything. Thank you so much I can not say thank you enough.
    Thank you Jim you’re amazing!!!!!
    Thank you :)


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